I want to get the absolute most out of any session. It's for this reason we want to come to the session with the right mindset and expectations, fully prepared to hit the ground running!

I don't want you to build this up in your head to be a terrifying process. In fact, the reason I am writing this is so it can put any nerves at ease and we can photograph you guys in a natural and relaxed state!

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This is about you


I believe photos shouldn’t be staged or forced and they definitely shouldn’t scream CHEESE. At the end of the day we want to see your hearts and natural tenancies shine through. Photos should simply be a real day in a chapter of your lives! Don’t try to please me by doing everything “right” or by “posing the right way”. The purpose of me photographing you is to document the persons you are and the moments you share in a very organic and authentic way.



Choosing a location is important. The setting helps illustrate your relationship and the things important to you. This being said your choice of location should represent your personalities or what you enjoy doing together. If you’re avid hikers, lets go climb a mountain. If you love the water lets go to a cool rocky beach or waterfall. If you love the season spring, then lets go to an apple orchard when blossoming!

Lets get away from humdrum shoots at local, cliché parks and go somewhere that is not only breathtaking but also emulates who you are! Getting engaged is a big deal, so lets document this thing in style!

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Make it an all day thing

Nothing can bring down the good vibes like rushing to a session stressed from work or a long day of errands or chores. Take the day to relax and enjoy each other’s company. Do something you both enjoy. By the time you arrive for the shoot you will be feeling close to one another without tension in your shoulders! Obviously this isn’t mandatory, I can’t force you to take the day off, but it certainly can go a long way in the end if you do!



Most of the best shots aren’t planned. Sure, I give some casual guidance and direction, but the gold comes when we least expect it. I do my best to create a relaxed atmosphere in which you can be comfortable, but it’s your job to be vulnerable and show me your true selves and the way you interact. That means being willing and always ready to be playful and sweet with one another without my explicit direction. Whisper something sweet or dirty in his/her ear to get a reaction or if you feel like it break out in dance or start a tickle fight! Give him a big wet and sloppy kiss on the cheek or pick her up without warning and spin her in circles! I always want to leave room for spontaneity because that’s where we see you as you.



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You should know by now that I consider myself adventurous, so fully anticipate me to treat your session that way as well! Your relationship isn’t a staged or perfectly executed play, it’s an adventure with twists and turns! Well, I want to transfer that same mentality to our session and make it an adventure. Embrace the dirt on your dress, the wind blowing your hair, the trail less traveled and the rocks I ask you to climb on top of. If it starts to rain we will keep on shooting! 



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What you wear tells us a bit about who you are. Wearing something you feel confident in is key, even if what you feel most comfortable in is a flannel and ripped jeans. Don’t “dress to impress”, that contradicts what we’re going for to begin with -- photographing you as you. If that means coming in a long flowing dress and suspenders then awesome! If that means coming in a trucker hat and bare feet then great! You’re also more than welcome to bring a nice outfit to change into once we summit the mountain or arrive at the waterfall so you’re not hiking in a dress and fancy shoes!