If you're wanting to get away from hum drum shoots in local parks, just because it's easy, then I'm right there with you. I believe photos should be representative to who you are as individuals and as a couple. These images should emulate your personalities, your passions and your lifestyles. A large part in achieving this is choosing the right location. I encourage you to think creatively and outside the traditional "box". Lets go somewhere that you both feel at home with. For example...


dana vince-3.jpg

waterfall enthusiast?

So am I! Lets go find and explore a really good one. You better be willing to get wet because I promise you I will ask you to jump around in it. Oh yeah, and I'll happily be all up in there with ya. I never ask my subjects to do something I'm not also willing to do!


love your city?

If you love the place you live then lets take an urban approach to these photos. Lets photograph you in the place you live. What's more sentimental than the place you live and call home? 

Aurora + TR-137.jpg

for the homebodies

Do you just LOVE home? Seriously what's better than a home cooked meal with your lover, followed by snuggling with your pets on the couch? 

Are guys avid hikers? Lets go climb a mountain or find the most epic waterfall.

Love the water? Lets get out the canoe and do something on the lake.

Are you both homebodies? Why not have me come to you and do an in-home session! 

Got the travel bug? Why not let me tag along for a day or two on your adventures.

Into motorcycles? Lets go to a windy road at sunset with your love and your bike.

Like to just get away on the weekends? Lets rent a cabin in the woods and do a lifestyle session.


... These are just ideas to get you thinking. I just want you to be more intentional with what you choose, because these photos will be around forever, so why not make the absolute most of them? 

I tend to lean on the adventure/outdoorsy side of things - that's kind of where I thrive. As an artist, I am uniquely inspired and that's what makes me and my work hopefully stand out. If I am working with couples and places that don't push me or inspire me creatively then they're not getting the most out of me. Doesn't mean I don't like them!! Just means I am probably not the best fit for them.