• A well lit place is a happy place. Choose a setting that has many windows and natural light.

  • Hotel rooms lack character and quality light. Consider AirBB as an inexpensive and aesthetic alternative!

  • As much as possible, try to keep personal items and clutter in a separate room.

  • Have details ready for me! Rings, flowers, dresses, invitations, jewelry, perfume...

  • Don't forget about the groom! Give him a nice space to get ready in as well. 

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First Look

  • First look is when you and your fiancé see each other for the first time before the ceremony. 
  • Having a quiet moment to yourselves before the chaos ensues is a great way to calm any nerves.
  • By doing a first look you're creating flexibility within timeline.
  • Keep it natural. Too much staging and it will lose its magic!
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  • If you do a first look then consider doing family before the ceremony as well
  • This tends to be a tedious and time consuming process for everyone involved so keep your initial list short. We can always do more photos with family if time allows of course.
  • Enlist a helper/coordinator. Since I can't put names to faces I won't be much help.


  • If you're having an outdoor ceremony, if at all possible keep things in the shade. The light will be less harsh and more flattering. Your guests will appreciate the cooler setting and won't be squinting in the bright sun.

  • Avoid using a mic stand for a cleaner look to your alter. If possible, use a cordless or lapel mic.

  • I tend to prefer that you omit receiving line from your ceremony. They're long and impersonal. Instead, budget extra time during your cocktail hour or reception to visit with your guests.

  • Use ushers! If you have more seating than guests it's likely you will have big, awkward gaps in toward the front of the ceremony.

  • Mark the spot you'll stand at! This is such a small detail, but an important one.


Ceremony Tip

Go unplugged! Let your guests live in the moment and witness your vows without the distraction of cell phones. This also helps me perform my job better. I'd rather not hand back to you photos of Uncle Bob leaning into the isle with his ipad in every shot!



  • I try to fit in 3 photo sessions with the couple. 15 minutes before ceremony (if you're having a first look), 15 minutes after ceremony and another 15-30 at sunset.

  • Emotions are at their best immediately after the ceremony. Consider going right into portraits right after the recessional.

  • Locations and time of day are important. Mid-day = shaded settings. Evening/golden hour = open, sunny settings.

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  • I like to have time to photograph the reception before guests come in. Just ten minutes during cocktail hour would be perfect!
  • Mood lighting is the best! If you're using candles or twinkle lights just make sure you use enough.
  • If your DJ uses party lights I just ask that he doesn't use them during the first dances.
  • When it comes to dinner I like to be fed when you are. Venues tend to feed vendors last, but that means I'll start eating when you finish and I might be missing the excitement!
  • If you do a sparkler exit, get the bigger ones! They burn brighter and longer!