I approach things a little differently than maybe you’re used to.

I want to make sure I am the right person for you. If you’re looking for someone to show up for just main events and take smiling pictures - I’m probably not a good fit. If you’re not willing to be vulnerable in front of the camera - I’m probably not a good fit. If finding a photographer is just another item on the checklist - I’m probably not a good fit.


Above photos taken by Megan Seegler


MY technique

It starts with having fun being the main focus and creating a trusting atmosphere. It’s all about getting you comfortable enough to belly laugh in front of me.


I facilitate. I don’t manipulate.

Don’t worry, I still give plenty of direction. I’ll never leave you out to dry. I just don’t want to be a puppeteer! I want HER to make you smile. I want HIM to give you butterflies.


Finding your goofy side

I make this a priority the second we first interact. How you interact when your guard is down is what we’re looking for.


you should be able to feel a connection with your photos.

st joes-1.jpg
Mike + Briana-1-3.jpg

I want your photos to have been an experience, not just a process.


I’m not your vendor and You’re not my client

We don’t have to be soulfriends, but I want to be more to you than “your photographer”.


Don’t you want to look back at your photos in 25 years and have those feels come rushing back again? To have nostalgia come and smack you upside the head? I know I sure want that! It’s about more than just capturing what you looked like, it’s about capturing the way you felt.

Ryan + Christine-1-3.jpg

Still trying to figure things out?

I’ve shot hundreds of weddings and compiled a bunch of ideas and suggestions to make your wedding unique to you while getting the most out of the day.


Together we’re going to create a beautiful story through photos, but you deserve more than just digital files sent over an email. You deserve to be spoiled and I want to spoil you!


handcrafted presentations

Hard-wood presentation boxes to be delivered within a month of your wedding. Expect to find USB with photos, complimentary prints, and other goodies inside!


solid hard-wood USB

I don’t mess around! It’s go big or go home. 16gb, Beanart engraved flash drives containing your story in high resolution images, ready to be printed or shared on social media.


Flush-mount albums

Albums are so undervalued, especially nowadays. There’s nothing like holding your photos, on paper, in your own hands. Albums are the ideal way to share and relive your wedding day.


  • I don’t care about a perfectly laid out and sparkling clean dress.

  • I embrace whatever mother nature throws at us because that’s real life.

  • I LOVE cats. Hope that’s okay. If not. Sorry, not sorry.

  • Im an adventurer. So that means climbing over fences, running through tall grasses and jumping across creeks!

  • Natural light is my jam. You’ll get way more out of me if we shoot outdoors or by window light.