The Bucket List...

The Bucket List is a list of locations that I personally have been dying to do shoots at. Because this list is comprised of places I selfishly want to explore and shoot in I cut my clients a sweet deal! 

If you and your sweetheart have plans for an intimate elopement somewhere spectacular, or just want an excuse to have an adventure for an anniversary or engagement then look no further. 

If you choose one of the locations off this list I will do your shoot for free. Yup. Free. I only ask that my travel expenses are paid for. So peruse through this list! If a location you have in mind isn't on this list feel free to message me and ask if I'll consider adding it!


Banff National Park, Canada

Banff has been on the top of my bucket list for a LONG time. Dramatic mountains and blue lakes. What's not to like. Paddle a canoe out into one of those lakes and I will be one happy photographer.

Santorini, Greece

Adventure and climbing mountains is super fun, but if you're looking for something more relaxing, classy and equally as stunning then what better place than the village of white and blue.

Antelope Canyon, USA

There's few places more rare and beautiful than the slot canyons of Utah. Looking for something truly radical and incredible? This is the place. 

Hawaii, USA

Because it's Hawaii... C'mon. This really needs no fancy description.

New Zealand

Between my wife and myself we have been here a handful of times, but it's just one of those places you cannot get enough of. Do you like mountains or black sand beaches? How about waterfalls, rainforests or lakes so blue you swear it's just a giant pool? No worries, New Zealand has all that and more.