Evan + Savana // Married // Rochester, NY

To give you an idea of what these two are like... Well... They (very willingly) ran out into POURING (I mean torrential down pour) rain in their wedding attire for the sole purpose of having a fantastic time, making awesome memories and obviously getting awesome photos. Hair got ruined, dresses got soaked, phones got dropped... I seriously love Evan and Savana and why I loved shooting their wedding. They didn't let a little rain ruin their entire day, instead they made the most of it and quite possibly made even better memories by doing so. I know that will be one photo shoot I'll never forget. I mean we were drenched head to toe. I don't think I had a dry spot on me.

Despite the less than perfect weather situation and delays we had, I thought the wedding day was absolutely perfect. You totally made some killer lemonade with the yucky lemons you were dealt. 

I also appreciate how silly and goofy you guys are. You are perfect for each other and it made my job easy photographing you. 


Tyler HolbeinComment