Dan + Jessica // Married // Mendon, NY

My wife has changed her life direction and has begun pursuing a career in nursing. Needless to say she doesn't have time to shoot with me anymore. However, she had this opportunity to shoot a wedding all on her own. It'd been probably over a year since she'd pulled out a camera. She blew my mind. She did SO well. Holy cow. I think she got twice as good over the year and yet she hadn't even used a camera in that time. I'm proud to showcase these photos as BeanArt! 

I wish I could speak about Dan and Jessica more, but I didn't get the privilege of getting to know them super well. I only know them from brief encounters with Jess and shooting their engagement photos last year. From the little exposure I've had with them I do know they are crazy about each other, compliment each other super well, and are among the goofiest, silliest people I've ever met! I wasn't at the wedding but I will say, judging from the photos, they have excellent taste in decor and I definitely wish I was able to be there photographing as well! 

Tyler HolbeinComment