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There's nothing quite as satisfactory as carrying around world famous cheese and breads in your pack, snaking on them for the occasional meal. I would probably say without a doubt the cheeses were one of my favorite parts about Italy.

Italy is a pretty unique and fantastic place. As fantastic, jaw dropping and beautiful cities like Florence and Rome were, we grew tired of the "tourist scenes" very quickly. After seeing landmarks like the Duomo, Sisteen Chapel and the Colosseum, we decided to escape the busy crowds and the selfie-stick salesmen to a quieter, more remote part of the country-- Cinque Terre. This place was easily our favorite spot of the trip. The quaint little seaside villages and the backcountry trails winding up and through the soaring mountains was just the pick-me-up we needed. Finally we could pitch the tent we'd been hauling around for 9 days! Nothing beats sleeping under the stars mere feet away from the waves crashing into the jagged earth we lay on. We experienced a lot while in Italy... Everything from seeing ancient buildings to sleeping on mountaintops, to spending a full, sleepless night in Time Square, to being added to a European watch list (don't ask). It was at times a long, laborious nightmare, but above all else it was an enlightening, beautiful sight-seeing and relaxing adventure!

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