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I don't mess around when it comes to preserving your photos, and neither should you! Technology is fickle and unreliable, but a hard copy album is something that will go the distnace.


 8x12" Denim (color currently unavailable) Cover with Cameo

8x12" Denim (color currently unavailable) Cover with Cameo



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Albums are hard-cover and come in a variety of colored linen options to fit your wedding theme. In addition, you also have the option to add a dust jacket or cameo.


Album is made up of thick Fuji portrait grade paper for the finest detail and color reproduction. 

The flush mount design not only creates durability and stability, but also a gutterless viewing experience



In an effort to maintain continuity I ask you to choose only 20-30 photos you absolutely must have included in the album. I'll use your photos plus photos at my own discretion to create a fluid illustration.

Once your album's first draft is complete I send it to you for proofing! You have one to two chances to request changes before the album is sent to the printer. 

Once you're pleased with they design I will submit everything to the lab for produciton!

 Requesting alterations to the design is as easy as ever with the online proofing.

Requesting alterations to the design is as easy as ever with the online proofing.


8x12" album // 10 spreads // $620

Additional Spread // $40

Cameo Cover or Dust Jacket // $50

Additional album copies are %50 off


"To say that creating our wedding album with Tyler was an easy, simple process is truly an understatement. From start to finish, this was a seamless experience and, yet again, we felt completely taken care of by Tyler throughout. He listened to what was important to us, took our favorite photos from our wedding day and honestly made us fall in love with them all over again in the way that he pulled them together to showcase our wedding story within our album. Any tweaks I asked him to make, he made without question or hesitation - and, I'll add that there were very few as the first draft he sent us was so good. Within the timeframe of 2-3 days, we had our album ordered and sent to print and within another week it was in our hands. It is such a gift to have another way to remember our wedding but the true gift was finding a photographer that we had full faith in and could trust to document such an important, special experience in our lives. “
- John + Hannah